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Binge eating consists of the unending urge to munch on something. This is however, not as simple as it sounds. Sometimes it can become uncontrollable and lead to intake of more than one thousand calories in a very less time. Binge eating is mostly triggered by stress. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee broke down binge eating into simple terms for her Instagram fans on her post. She wrote, “At some point in life all of us experience uncalled for stress which upsets our controlled eating patterns and washes away all our efforts to lose weight. An angry phone call, any festival, children’s exams, an argument with your spouse or a difference of opinion with your mother-in-law may trigger the well-under-control tongue to begin a binge which seems uncontrollable. And by the time you are through with it, the damage is done.”

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As binge eating happens, it also eventually leads to the guilt. Anjali, hence, shared a few tips on how to keep the binge eating in check and reduce it completely. Take a look:

Meal times: Having dedicated meal times and abiding by it can help in cutting down snack times. This will further help in stopping binge eating.

Avoid cake and pastries: Items such as cake and pastries should be avoided from being kept at home. In case of binge eating, almonds and raisins can be consumed. The protein in almonds and the sweet flavour of raisins help in curbing the urge of binge eating.

Grains and pulses: Whole grains and pulses add fibers and complex carbs in the diet. These further cuts down the urge of binge eating.

Exercise: In case you are not able to control your binge eating, it is best to burn the calorie out with exercises.

Meals: The general rule of having meals throughout the day involves having breakfast in time, having a moderate lunch and a light dinner at least three hours before bedtime.

Substitute: In case you have eaten some food items with high calorie, substitute the next meal with fruits in order to balance out the calories.

Target weight: Make workouts an integral part of life and do not stop till the target weight is reached.

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