Modern Holzbox House blends with traditional German design

In Mainz, Germany, a new modern house by HGA Henning Grahn Architektur combines the best of historical architecture with a sleek modern shape. This is because an existing small family home was expanded to 2022 square meters in a massive sustainable remodel.

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Square addition to traditional-looking German home

The young family that hired HGA needed more space for their growing family unit. From there, the original saddle roof of the existing house was expanded by adding a large block shape to the side of the home. The block takes over the size and shape of the home to dominate while lifting the old floor of the house by one full meter. Meanwhile, it is also elevated to connect spaces internally. The result is both stylish and practical. This elevation prevents flood waters from a small creek on the property from entering the home.

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All-white interior living room

Inside, sleek white interiors with warm light wood paneled ceilings connect living spaces to one another. Wood floors are also paired with glass balconies for an updated and clean effect. In fact, this home didn’t just connect old and new homes on the outside. A series of rooms with increasing ceiling height moves from the kitchen to the dining room to a two-story living room to gradually expand the space.

Gray couch and timber ceiling living room

What makes the home sustainable is the wood framing and solid wood ceilings along with a facade of treated MDF panels. All the windows were replaced in the old house and paired with the new house portion, all made of larch wood. Solid stairs now lead to the entrance.

Timber ceiling on upper level hallway and large window

Additionally, a hidden backyard is accessed via new steps that go down to the old walnut tree. Lighting is also subtle, installed in black square sconces on the walls. Such a design leaves most of the living area open for flexible use.

HGA is famous for its iconic block-style homes with simple facades. These multi-story homes use skylights and large windows to create unexpectedly light and airy modern spaces. Therefore, they retain warmth from natural materials and make for comfortable modern living spaces.

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Images via HGA Henning Grahn Architektur

Modern Holzbox House blends with traditional German design