Foundation reforestation

Forests are gradually disappearing and this poses a major problem for the world. In general, the world is getting worse. It is important that we learn to deal with our world in a more sustainable way, and we do this in various ways. Governments are engaging in different projects and companies are becoming more and more sustainable. There are also more and more charities you can donate to. Foundation reforestation is a good cause, and they ensure that new forests are created. They do this by planting many trees and this is very good for the world. Do you want to know why it is important to plant trees? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

CO2 removal

Trees are very good for nature, and this is because they can remove CO2 from the air. A 50-year-old tree can remove a few tonnes of CO2 from the air in its entire lifetime. Through photosynthesis, they can also provide more oxygen, which is of course very useful for us. It is also important that we get more forests, which is why planting trees is so good. It is also important for animals, and for many animals the forest is their habitat. Without the forest, they cannot live and there is a greater chance of them going extinct. We want to prevent this, which is why it may be wise to donate money to a foundation reforestation. This way, you are assured that new trees will be planted. Trees also offer shade, and many people like this, especially in the summer months. In this way, they provide the cooling we need.

Why donate as a company?

It makes sense for your company to donate money to charity. This way, you contribute to a better environment, but that is not all. Your customers also find it increasingly important that companies do something about the environment. By donating to a good cause, chances are that customers will become more satisfied. In any case, it creates better brand awareness, which is very important. Financially, it can also work out better, and often the government encourages donating to charity. When you donate as a company, there is also a possibility you will get a certificate. You can hang it anywhere in your building and show the customers, that you donated to charity.