Couple Shares Fun Way To Pick Vacation Destinations

Claire Rogers, who is the photographer’s wife, reads the travel pages on April 12, 2020 in Northampton, United Kingdom. (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

If you and your significant other have a hard time deciding which movie to watch or what to eat for dinner, then you’ve probably gone a few rounds over where to travel for your vacations. I know this from experience. But after a few days of debate, my wife and I always end up agreeing on someplace to go and we have a great time. If only there were a quicker way to come to that consensus.

TikToker @evamachadorn has a fun way to pick a vacation destination and it’s going viral. Eva explains that she and her husband came up with this idea years ago and she’s sharing their method with the world. All you need is paper, pens, and a cup, hat, or bowl. Then, each person going on the trip chooses three destination ideas:

  • One that’s within a six-hour drive from where you live.
  • One that’s in the U.S. or Canada.
  • One that’s international.

Write these places on separate pieces of small paper, crumple each of them to about the same size and put them all into the cup. Then, you each take turns pulling out a piece of paper and reading the destination written on it. These are the place you won’t be visiting. The last slip of paper left is where you’ll be going.

Is this a good way to plan a vacation? It can be if you consider your travel budget before writing the place names on the little pieces of paper. And, honestly, that final reveal sort of makes it feel like you’re on a game show. Plus, opening up all the slips of paper and seeing where your travel partner wanted to go looks fun, too. Here are Eva and her husband putting their method into action:

Couple Shares Fun Way To Pick Vacation Destinations