Becoming sustainable in three steps

One hype after another passes, and for most of them we are very grateful; they almost always make no sense at all. Fortunately, there are also topics that keep recurring in our society; sustainability, for instance. Sustainability is an important concept according to some people in our society and something needs to be done about it. We want to give you a hand with this, should you feel the same way. We do so in this blog by explaining how you can become ‘sustainable’ in three steps. However, you will need to make a lot of adjustments, so be prepared for a slow but effective process. Come on, let’s get started quickly. If you need more information regarding this article, then feel free to look around for all the information that you need. It is important that you can make decisions that are based on full information.

Conscious buying

Where most people go wrong out of convenience or without realizing it, is the point when they buy something. Be it an item of clothing, a car or a food item; most of it is hugely bad for the earth and the people who walk on it. Just look at an electric car; you think you are being conscious, but the battery is at least as polluting as an internal combustion engine. Besides, with many things, you can simply do better to buy sustainably. For instance, look for cosmetic bottles at glasmeister, for food at a bottom farmer, for clothes at a small workshop rather than a big chain and so on. All these things contribute a lot to a better earth in the long run. 


Then it’s time to tackle your energy consumption. Still taking a 10-minute hot shower? That time is really over. It is time to start taking cold showers completely and to do this systematically. If you don’t, you will use enormous amounts of gas and water. Also, with heating your home, using electronic devices and lighting places in your house. It all contributes, realize this well. 


Also consider how you transport yourself and others. Do you do this by car, plane, train, bicycle or whatever? Look not only at emissions or something similar, but also at the impact of the production of the means by which you transport yourself. The best thing to do is of course to run everywhere, but we realize that this is not always possible.